This genre includes stories in any category less than 50-100 years ago. My novels are women's fiction and romance: Stories of ordinary people who are facing real-life issues. You can relate to their joys and sorrows, and share their success when they overcome life's obstacles.


             SHORT STORIES


  Tales That Touch The Heart

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It has been said that poetry is prose that is shorter on the page.

Try my prose poems about well-known Biblical characters -  Eve, Noah, Jezebel, David, Martha, Judas, and others - for a thought-provoking read.  For something really short, enjoy haiku images of every season with pictures.

Speculative fiction will take you on a roller coaster ride with twists and turns to an unexpected ending. If  you like Hitchcock and O'Henry; and if suspense, mild horror, or pathos is appealing, you may wish  to sample these. I promise that you won't be bored. Not for bedtime reading!

These books are based on people or events of the past and I strive to do research and write stories that reflect the period accurately. My Civil War saga includes both North and South, black and white, rich and poor. And I have two books set in England that include Mary Queen of Scots and Guy Fawkes, respectively.


Having been a nomad all of my life, I have called many places home from California to New York to England. I share my

life with my husband, who is as passionate about music as I am about writing. We divide our time between homes in

Kentucky and Florida, stopping en route to visit our children who live in Tennessee. I am the only member of my family

who does not sing or play an instrument, but I like to think I make music with words.

My past professional life includes:Three novels, Kensington Publishers; Over one hundred short stories, poems,

and articles in print; Winner, Fiction Skills Scholarship, Indiana U. Writers' Conference; Short Story Award, Ball State U

Midwest Writers' Workshop; Play produced on WPSD-TV, an NBC affiliate; Ed. Specialist Degree, Murray State U, Post-

graduate work, U of AL; Psychometrist, Counselor, LD teacher in public schools in KY, AL, and TN; Adult Ed. Creative

Writing teacher in FL and KY;Past-President, KY State Poetry Society.             Contact me at:

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and at my publishers: Champagne Books, Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, Whimsical Publications, Whiskey Creek Press, and Willow Moon Publishing.