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Six  Authors from Six ETC Book Party 2013 States: Laurean Brooks, Larry Hammersley, Linda Swift, Celia Yeary, Pamela Hearon, Danielle Thorne.






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Single Status

The Twelve Days of Christmas 


Let Nothing You Dismay


This Time Forever

Celia Yeary and husband Jim who traveled from Texas .


Reviewer: Val Rating:    You Gotta Read


"First, I need to say WOW, what an ending! To Those Who Wait was a very different book to any other I have read. I thought I might have issues with the relationship between Scott and Leah but at some point, this story just snuck up on me and had me hooked . . ..I always delight in reading a Linda Swift novel. .  . She is not afraid to deal with realistic situations, which is something I admire in a writer. I highly recommend To Those Who Wait to anyone who loves a good romance with unexpected twists and turns."



Once I picked up this book and began reading I became totally lost in the lives of the characters. I was mesmerized in a way that is rare for me.   The story, straightforward and relatively simple, is catapulted to the realm of the extraordinary by its heart-felt prose and a cast of characters that are not easily evicted from the recesses of my mind. In a way, I am reminded of one of my favorite TV series, Friday Night Lights, as I read this book. It is a compelling and unexpected delight.  5 stars


To Those Who Wait is a gripping, emotional story about everyday people who only want peace and love in their lives—and the best for their children. Certainly, this novel will leave a mark on the reader's heart. Without a doubt, as a reader and reviewer this novel holds a sacred place at the top of my list of "must reads." The author, Linda Swift, is one of the best among the classic novelists. Don't miss this To Those Who Wait. 5 stars  Celia Yeary-Author/Reviewer  

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"Resurrection is a delicious jolt of adrenaline. No sooner will you adjust to one plot twist than another one will jerk you out of your preconceived notions about what will happen next." LASR Mystery Review 

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In these days of a wide variety of novels on the market, I'm pleased to say Full Circle is one of the best. The reader can expect a well-written tale, one that is worthy of high marks. The story revolves around one couple who meet again at a high school reunion, and both have had lives far different from the other. Pete, a widower, proudly tells about his wonderful children, now all grown and making lives of their own. Joanna has no one, but when she re-connects with Pete, old memories, heartaches, and lost love re-surface.

During their days of learning about each other all over again, and remembering the love they once had, events and other people intrude to cause anger, jealousy, resentment, and deception. Through it all, Pete and Joanna struggle to stay connected and ignite the romance they once shared.

To come "full circle," Joanna must reveal a secret to Pete, and in learning the truth, Pete must react in such a way to prove his love...... Other lives will be touched, but those most affected believe in their quest...........

For me, it was a pleasure to read a heart-warming, true-to-life story, devoid of unnecessary words, phrases, and most of all, completely free of explicit romantic scenes.
I highly recommend Full Circle, by Linda Swift.

5 Stars: Rising Star Reviews  


Four Lips Review from Two Lips /reviewer:

The wonderful heroine of Ms. Swift’s tale was such a loving and giving young lady. She won my heart and my respect. Maid of the Midlands will intrigue the reader with its intricate plot and lovable heroine. I like it when real historical figures appear in fiction. Mary, Queen of Scots, as portrayed by Ms. Swift, appears both regal and hauntingly human. Readers will sympathize with the queen’s plight and wish things could have turned out differently for her. Maid of the Midlands is a must read for history buffs and romantics alike. MISTRESS OF HUNTLEIGH HALL

5 Stars from Rising Star Reviews:
Ms. Swift has once again produced an outstanding historical novel about the intertwining lives of the wealthy and the common man. In this deeply emotional love story between Malcolm Gray, who runs a ship chandlery in Hull, and Alice Wykeham ,an untitled woman who becomes Lady Talbot by marrying an elderly Lord, the young couple become separated by no fault of their own. Twists and turns throughout the story keep the couple apart, but in the end, clever developments allow a satisfying and logical conclusion.

The story gives the reader everything--young love, betrayal, tragedy, distrust, greed, power, and finally a conclusion that is perfect.

Ms. Swift's style of writing is classic, one that will endure over time because of her high quality storytelling abilities. In this novel--as well as the first, Maid of the Midlands--she creates scenes by the actions and speech of the characters. Without the clutter of useless explanations and descriptions, the story becomes vivid and exciting.



5 Stars: Rising Stars Review

Linda Swift's newest release, Single Status, is the perfect love story. Ms. Swift, an accomplished author, has given us a story with "real life" characters,deep emotions, and plenty of tension. The heroine works in a man's world,

and every step she makes is scrutinized. The hero works beside her, learning all about her insecurities masked with bravado, and she discovers his hidden, tragic past. Together, they work as a team, not only to solve the source of a mysterious explosion, but to solve their personal conflict. Don't miss this wonderful novel.


5 Stars: WSPorter 

B.J. Sutherland's problems start when she has to prove she can do her job as well as any of the men. Then her attraction for a coworker adds more trouble and makes for a fun romantic read.  


5 Stars: Larry Hammersley

 The happenings in the workplace were well done. Lots of excitement kept the story going. Relationships of different people were an integral part of the story. We see the male ego and a woman's determination to make a go of it in what many might perceive is a man's world. Her being able to handle that is in itself a wonderful message. I highly recommend this story and I had difficulty finding stopping places and didn't want to quit reading.



5 Stars: Sharron Crim

I really enjoy Linda's books, the kind that once you start reading your gonna finish before you put the book down. Love her descriptive detail and just the way she puts you right in the middle of the book. If I am ever having a bad day I always grab one of her books and just let it take me away.



Stories of Speculative Fiction


Review: Vivian Lewis-Reader

Even after you explained what speculative fiction is, the suddeness and unexpectedness of the endings still takes my breath away and leaves my brain gasping for more.