Tales That Touch The Heart


                                  Mistress of Huntleigh Hall
                                                    (Sequel to Maid of the Midlands)
                          Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery                            
  Alice Wykeham promises to wait for Malcolm Gray when he goes to sea. Ten years pass before her father arranges her marriage to an elderly lord in exchange for the valuable dowry she possesses. After being shipwrecked and severely injured, Malcolm remains in Amsterdam to heal and earn enough to ask for her hand. Now successful, he returns to Hull too late to claim her but purchases a ship chandlery and stays nearby. With his changed appearance, he is able to watch his love without detection. When her younger sister gets pregnant and goes to Hull, Malcolm befriends her. She dies in childbirth and Malcolm must reveal himself when he sends for Alice who assumes the child is his. Will she believe his denial? Alice discovers the lord is involved in a daring plan to overthrow the king and has used her dowry for the cause. What will be the outcome of the Gunpowder Plot and how will it affect Alice and the only man she will ever love? 

                                      THIS TIME FOREVER
                                    Historical Fiction (ebook and print)

                        Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery
An epi
c that encommpasses the Civil War from beginning to end, told from the perspective of the North and South. An unforgettable story of passionate love and hate, birth and death, victory and defeat set in the most tragic time period of our nation's history.

                  MAID OF THE MIDLANDS
          Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery                 

  When Mary Queen of Scots is sent to Hafton Castle, Matilda becomes her waiting lady. The comely maid loves Jondalar, a starwart castle guard who returns her affection but places his greed to succeed above all else. After Matilda nurses the queen through a fever, she rewards the maid with a valuable ruby. Jondalar plots with the young lord of the castle to rid the Crown of the captive queen in return for a promotion in the guard. When Matilda discovers the plan, she risks her life to warn the queen. As Mary journeys toward her next destination, Matilda and Jondalar separately travel the English countryside in pursuit of her. Jondalar had a change of heart and also seeks to warm the queen but Matilda is unaware of this as they dodge each other enroute. When Jondalar almost loses the maid he loves, will he realize what really matters?

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 This Time Forever is the most apt title; truly, throughout this wonderful Civil War Epic, your heart swells with the hope and belief that this time it is indeed true love; that this time, in spite of all that is happening in the world, love will find a way ..………………..Success and all its trappings is questioned, as are personal and national goals. At times you’ll be touched, at other times angry – but always, so so moved by that hope for forever."     Snapdragon – LASR – 5 books  20T

"I was reminded both of Gone With the Wind, and the TV saga of North and South. Both sides, thinking the war would be short and convinced of the rightness of their respective causes, continue for some time to have balls, parties, and generally live life as if there was no war, but a mere diversion in their neat little lives."     Alberta – Manic Readers – 5

Genre: Historical Romance, America, Civil War Setting: Civil War-era New York and Tennessee This well-written book is for those who love historical romances with elements of North and South with a bit of Gone With the Wind. More along the lines of an epic, this is also the story of two families dealing with the horrors of war. It’s a lovely read full of honor, loss and spirit. Reviewed By: Amy Lignor          RT Rating 4 stars * Read complete review in March, 2012 issue


If you are looking for a fascinating read that will keep you on your toes, look no further as Ms. Swift has just provided you with this very book. My first thought when I finished the last sentence on the very last page was "Wow, just wow." No matter how good of a review I give this book, it cannot adequately describe my feelings and how much I fell in love with this book."  Val – You Gotta Read Reviews – You GOTTA READ

"This Linda Swift novel was beautifully written and reminiscent of other well-known sagas both in print and on television. She made me feel what I read. I felt as if I watched from the outside and saw the horrors they lived through as well as the emotions they fought. Her in-depth descriptions were almost surreal…….I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a historical novel which was amazing in both its content and the surprising ending." Brenda Talley–The Romance Studio – 5