Tales That Touch The Heart

An emotional and thought provoking mix of suspense, mild horror, and ironic twists...

A new job as school librarian in a small town brings both joy and deep tragedy to the life of a young woman with a secret, an over-aged senior, and an alcoholic janitor.

An elevator filled with tourists stops and a small boy's life hangs in the balance. Above ground, a man tries to restart the elevator while a man and woman race against time to stop him.

Ready for battle, a man returns to claim the old homestead, but an intruder has a strong hold. An accident leaves the man as prey to his enemy, and there can be only one winner.

Three students are caught up in the changes wrought by the school busing mandate. When the anger and frustration reach boiling point, the outcome will touch an entire city.

Growing old is not easy, even for the prosperous. Grown children, doctors, and nursing homes wrest away control. But one man decides to change the seeming inevitable course of events.

             TAKE FIVE


                    (ebook and print) 

       Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery

       (includes all five stories at right)






The small roadside restaurant where Ellen works is busy with travelers rushing home on Christmas Eve. She is counting on her employer's bonus and tips to take her over the top for the gift she plans to buy today for the guy she loves. Bruce is a college student in need of a typewriter he can't afford and Ellen has been saving for months to surprise him. A mother and two young children stop in while their car is being repaired next door. Ellen learns they have a long drive ahead in a worsening snow storm and little money. She invites them to stay over with her but the woman wants to try and make St. Louis in case her husband calls. If Ellen helps them she will not be able to buy the gift Bruce requires for school. How can she choose who has the greater need?  

                              A TIME TO GIVE

                           Holiday Short Story

                                            Willow Moon Publishing 

                       BERGMAN, ROSSELLINI, AND ME
                                  Mainstream Short Story

                                                   Willow Moon Publishing
In the summer of '49, the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb. Off the coast of Italy on the island of Stromboli, the love affair of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini exploded, too. Which had the greater impack on the world we now live in? Recall the story through the eyes of a star-struck adolescent girl.

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                                                     SONG OF EVERY SEASON

                                                  A Haiku Collection  (ebook and print)
               Willow Moon Publishing                                  

A haiku is an unrhymed Japanese lyric poem having a fixed three-line form of 5-7-5 syllables. Within the confines of this narrow scope, the poet seeks to imprint images on the reader's mind and heart.

These word pictures are not meant for "doing" but for "being." They offer a closer look at nature's quiet beauty; forsythia buds opening, a bean field in summer, wild geese in flight, an icy-winged snowbird. And make you smile at a fat toad eating fried bugs or a bushy-tailed squirrel sitting in a bird feeder. Within these pages you can smell lilac-scented rain; hear the hum of a waterfall; see autumn's bright bonfire; feel ice needles stinging. These haiku are intended to lead you to a greater appreciation of serenity and self.




Short  Stories


The Holy Scriptures are filled with beautiful stories of strong characters who are role models for all of us. But what about the weaker characters in these ancient books? Those who were least favored, those with obvious flaws. Let's take a closer look at some of them--Esau, Tamar, Jonah, Rahab--and try to understand their actions. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from their mistakes. You may see some of the Bible's imperfect people from a different point of view. Have you ever wondered why Cain's offering was rejected? Or if Jezebel was as wicked as she first appeared? How do you feel about Job's suffering? Do you agree that Martha's role was less important than Mary's? Join the author in these conversations with God if humanly speaking, you have a need to know.

         HUMANLY SPEAKING: Conversations With God
                                     A Poetry Volume  (ebook  and print) 

                         Willow Moon Publishing         


In Linda Swift's poetry volume Humanly Speaking, she dares to say what many think but fear to voice out loud. She describes her thoughts about some of the Bible's main characters, those the Lord God Almighty favored or disfavored. She questions Him about some of the troubling aspects of their behavior, as well as His bewildering decisions concerning them. At times, Ms. Swift humanely defends some of the Bible's worst and most defiled players--Esau, Hagar, Eve, Bathsheba, Cain--and gives the reader a different view of their weaknesses.

This 84-page volume is fascinating, provocative, and touching. I am not only impressed with Ms. Swift's knowledge of the Bible, but also the creative manner in which she approaches each Biblical story with a hint of humor. She does not attempt to philosophize but deals with only the simple things that trouble her. Humanly Speaking is a keeper, a collection to read more than once, with beautiful illustrations and appropriate Bible verses. I highly recommend it. Congratulations, Linda. Swift! Five Stars 

Rising Star Reviews      


Linda Swift's smoothly written haiku are illustrated with gorgeous full-color photos and montages in her short book (47 pages) Song of Every Season. Pale winds blow through spring to the bean fields of summer, and neat black-white-and-gray patterns add punctuation. The metaphors and descriptions are beautiful, from strobing sunlight to red and white streamers in the long black tresses of an evening interstate. An Indian women sells gems by the freeway in a well-drawn haiku set, red desert sand around and blue shadowed mountains beyond. Then autumn's ghosts and goblins prowl lightly among the whispered warnings of winter while trees' gold fingers reach to blue autumn sky. Spring's seeds wait, jonquil stems pushing from their warm bed, while squirrels dig and the first forsythia trembles and the seasons turn again.
Song for Every Season is a lovely little book and a beautiful reason to love haiku. S Deeth "Sheila Deeth" 5 Stars